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I haven't updated in 20 days. I'm embarrased to even admit that. I would have never known just how busy I would be during the end of the school year and now summer. Working all day - every day has kept me from really working on this site like I have wanted to. If it's not work then it's something else personally. Also, I am taking more pictures than ever. Lately I have spent many 'o hours taking pictures, deciding which ones were good enough to keep, and which ones I should try again.

I get let down when my favorite sites aren't updated and I have felt like I have let the visitors down. I couldn't be any more happier reading the guestbook and the tagboard. Thank you all so much for taking time to post in each.

I have discovered a virus on my computer, creating another whole new set of problems. Along with my birthday coming up and more work, all I can gurantee is that I will update as soon as possible with more content. Please bare with me while I go through all of this. Thank you.

POSTED BY: E.J. | 06.27.02 | 11:27 P.M.

It's done. I moved the whole site to a reliable domain, while creating a whole new layout and adding a lot more content. I had no idea it was going to take so long, so thank you everyone for your patience. I took a break off when I got my new digital camera and it has been so busy with the end of school, but it was worth the wait.

I have installed a new and better tagboard, and a new guestbook. If you used either one previosuly, please take some time to sign the book, and tag me. My old guestbook was deleted and I lost everything.

I spent a lot of time making the pages look more appealing, and less crowded. The brushes section, and the downloads page are much more organized and more efficient than there were before. I wanted to concentrate on professional looking pages, and adding to them. Aside from the apparent differences, I added a lot of much needed content to the site. The dingbat section is not up yet, but will return shortly. You will notice 2 brand new sections, textures and experiments. I have a set of eight brand new high quality textures for you to download. The experiments section takes the place of the previous misc. grphx section. It will feature more experimental work in all different types of fields (3d, modeling, logo, typography). The site downloads page is just now downloads, and I added a tutorial section.

Every single page has been updated, and features more content.

10 new fonts
8 new links
8 new downloads
8 new textures
6 new brush sets
3 new link buttons
3 new tutorials
2 new wallpapers

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Purchased; May 5, 2002
Hosting company; Cyber Pixels.
Version; 3.0
Opened; 06-2002

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